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From Psychology Today, Surviving Workplace Mobbing: Identify the Stages” Mobbing

From The Pew Research Center, “Defining generations: Where Millennials end and post-Millennials begin” Generations

From, The Pew Research Center, “Women in majority-male workplaces report higher rates of gender discrimination” Gender

From PRRI, America’s Changing Religious Identity Religion

From VOX, “Your state’s teachers are underpaid. Find out by how much”  Teachers

From The New York Times, “Melania Knew” Melania

From The Atlantic, “How to Lose Your Job From Sexual Harassment in 33 Easy Steps” 33 Steps

From The BBC, What The Distant Past Told Us About Work in the FuturePast-Future

From, The New York Times, “How to Stop Eating  Sugar,” Sugar

From Mind Body Green, ‘9 Reasons Getting A Dog Seriously Ups Your Wellness Practice” Dogs

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