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SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Follow the progression of this case through the reporting of The Chronicle of Higher Education: She Left Harvard. He Got To Stay   Harassment Saga I  More Women Come Forward to Report Sexual Harassment by Harvard ProfessorHarassment Saga II

 RETALIATION:  Ever wonder why women are reluctant to male complaints of sexual harassment? This story from the PBS News Hour provides some insight: , They Reported Sexual Harassment and then the Retaliation Began Retaliation

 ✔REACTIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE: From Forbes: The Worst You Can Do Is Nothing: The Case For Reactivity in the Workplace  Reactivity

EQUAL PAY ACT:  Worth watching; the shape of things to come? Massachusetts Equal Pay Law Equal Pay

FMLA: Don’t forget about this important form. Designation Notice (Family and Medical Leave Act)  FMLA Form

 CALCULATING OVERTIME IN CALIFORNIA: From Fisher Phillips, California Supreme Court Embraces Employee-Friendly Formula For Calculating OT PayCalifornia Overtime

 DRUG TESTING IN THE WORKPLACE:  From Bloomberg, The Coming Decline of the Employment Drug Test: Struggling to hire, some companies are relaxing corporate drug policies. Drug Testing

DEATH AND DYING: From the BBC, a look into our future, Why the World Needs to Get Ready for More People Dying Death and Dying

 ARE YOU A LONER?: You might find this article from the BBC of interest: Why Being a Loner May Be Good for Your Healthn Loner?

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