Employment Law Consultant’s Blog (03-01-18)

 Hello and Welcome,

Happy March 1, 2018.

Today, a number of current reports, some thoughts on stress, and a guide to whole grains.

 WAGE STUDY: From the Economic Policy Institute, The State of American Wages 2017 Wages

FAIR-SHARE: From the New York Times, The Supreme Court’s Power Play Against Labor  Fair Share

EQUALITY-KERNER REPORT: From the New York Times, The Unmet Promise of Equality  Unmet   Read the book: Healing Our Divided Society: Investing In America 50 Years After the Kerner Report Healing Divided Society Watch the Interview: from PBS Newshour, Plague of Inequality haunts U.S. 50 Years After A Landmark Study on Racial Division,   Interview

BOSSES: From Ladders, Seven Core Beliefs of Great Bosses Bosses

REFLECT: From OZY, The Ancient Poem That Will Put Your Life In Perspective Rumi

CONFLICT: From Goop, A Better Way to Manage Workplace Conflict, Conflict

YOUR HEALTH: From, the American Institute for Cancer Research, Your Guide To Healthy Whole GrainsHealthy Grains

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

I’ll return on Tuesday, March 5, 2018.

Thank you,




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